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Andrew Manson

Talking Jobs

"Devi is an enabler in every sense. She is extremely bright, insightful and above all honest. Bill Law talks of turning points—experiences that change the course of events for people. My conversations with Devi helped me map the universe around my work giving me a better portrait of the world I was learning to inhabit. I believe those conversations, and the supporting information she provided, were an important turning point in my own journey to move things on. I say Devi Rocks."

Noa Burger

Corporate Responsibility Manager

"Devi’s greatest strength is in really getting to know her clients in order to steer them towards goals that are genuinely and personally satisfying to them.
She is an exceptional listener, patient and empathic, but will also push and challenge you to go beyond your habitual boundaries. Devi has been instrumental in enabling me to identify a clear direction for my career."